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Tai Chi 1

~ 26-Section Yang Style Extraordinary Foundation Routine

This is the best place to start. This growing series of videos will give you a solid foundation in Yang style tai chi. It will also benefit students of any style.
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26-Section Yang Style Extraordinary Foundation Routine is one of the core routines of the Mariposa Tai Chi Method developed by Ian Sinclair.

This routine contains all the important elements, both basic and advanced, of the tradition Yang Style tai chi. It is symmetrical, making it physically balanced and also easy to follow. It is designed to be performed in minimal space. It is oriented so that the student will be able to see the instructor easily. Very seldom will the student need to look over a shoulder to see the screen or front of the class. It is presented so that it can be taught in a phased curriculum with each section teaching certain core principles. Students can join in the beginning, the middle, or the end. With persistence, all students will be exposed to all elements.

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