The Mariiposa method primarily intended to function as a comprehensive foundation for students who had no previous experience. But it has become increasingly popular with experienced students who feel that their previous training was lacking something.
The Mariposa method was not intended to replace the traditional routines. I still teach the traditional Yang style and Chen style curricula and some Wu style and Sun style. I also teach international standard routines, and modern simplified routines. I also teach other styles, such as Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, Wujiquan, Yiquan, Shuaijiao, and more.

Over the years, the Mariposa Method has become more comprehensive. It now includes:
  • neigong (internal skill)
  • taolu (routines)
    • Yang style foundation routine
    • Chen style foundation routine
    • two-person routines
    • weapons routines
      • sword
      • sabre
      • spear
      • two-person routines
  • tuishou
  • martial applications
    • ti & da (striking)
    • qinna (joint control and pressure point manipulation)
    • shuai (throws and take-downs)
  • healing methods