The art of tai chi has changed greatly over the past centuries. It began as a profound martial art with roots in ancient healing arts, meditation traditions, and proven military skills. It was refined, in secret, by several generations within a few families in rural China. In the 19th century c.e., tai chi was introduced in Beijing where it was taught to royalty and elite military personnel.

In modern times, tai chi is seen as a healing exercise, a moving meditation, and a kind of physical therapy, with well documented benefits for seniors.

The rapidly growing popularity of tai chi has outpaced the training of highly qualified instructors. Many of the people teaching tai chi in communities around the world, would consider themselves to be relative novices in comparison to the level they would prefer to achieve. To their credit, most teachers continue their own training through seminars, conferences, and by travelling great distances to learn from teachers or classmates.

This site exists to promote high quality skill and to make comprehensive training available to students of all levels.

Whether you are new to tai chi, or an experienced instructor, I hope that you will find this material to be useful.
- Ian Sinclair